What is the qualified and high-quality fire emergency light?

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1、 Work with "certificate"

Fire emergency lighting products have always had a mandatory product standard - "GB17945-2010 Fire Emergency Lighting and Evacuation Indication System". All fire emergency lighting products on sale must meet this standard and pass the national 3CF fire certification. The product is labeled with ID card and can be found on the China Fire Products Information Network

2、 Power durability

It is necessary to have a battery with reliable quality and large capacity, which not only directly affects how long the lamp can be lit, but also affects the luminous quality.

3、 Excellent lighting

The importance of light goes without saying! Generally speaking, professional optical design, including the use of good chips and other hardware, is a guarantee of good performance.

4、 Hard working

When a dangerous situation occurs, the adverse external environment such as smoke and flame is the factor that affects the normal operation of the lamp. Therefore, the impact of the environment should be considered when the emergency lighting lamp is used and designed.


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