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Fire emergency lighting is a fire protection facility that we often contact in life. In public places, we can usually see various fire emergency lighting, but many people don't know it very well. So today we will introduce the fire emergency lighting for you. Please collect this entry-level guide!

0.1 Function of fire emergency lighting fixtures

In densely populated places, such as hospitals, residential areas, shopping malls, office buildings and other areas, fire emergency lighting will be installed. Its main function is to provide lighting for personnel evacuation and places that still need to work in case of fire in case of emergency, so as to ensure the smooth operation of personnel evacuation and rescue.

In short, when the power is cut off, the fire emergency lamp can still work normally and the lighting time is not less than 90 minutes when the power is supplied by the external special power supply or its own power supply.

02. Types of fire emergency lighting fixtures

There are many kinds of fire emergency lighting lamps. In emergency state, the lamps that need to provide emergency lighting are common fire emergency lighting lamps, including: fire emergency double-head lamp, fire emergency down lamp, fire emergency ceiling lamp, fire emergency lamp panel, etc.

03. Installation of fire emergency lighting fixtures

According to the Technical Standard for Fire Emergency Lighting and Evacuation Indication (GB 51309-2018), the installation of fire emergency lighting (referred to as lighting) shall comply with the following provisions:

1. The lighting lamp can be installed by ceiling, ceiling and ceiling;

2. The lighting lamp should be installed on the ceiling;

3. When conditions are limited, the lighting lamp can be installed on the side wall of the walkway, and meet the following requirements:

① The installation height shall not be between 1m and 2m from the ground;

② When installing on the side wall 1m below the ground, ensure that the light shines below the horizontal line of the lamp.

4. The lighting lamp shall not be installed on the ground.

0.4 How to distinguish the authenticity of fire emergency lighting

Fire emergency lighting is used to provide lighting for evacuation and fire fighting operations in case of sudden and accidental power failure, but there are always products that are shoddy and fake in the market. So how can we distinguish the true and false lights when purchasing and using them?

1. Work with "certificate"

Formal fire emergency lighting products shall have mandatory certification certificate or technical identification report, and shall be labeled with ID card and can be found on the China Fire Products Information Network.

2. Power durability

It is necessary to have a battery with reliable quality and large capacity, which not only directly affects how long the lamp can be lit, but also affects the luminous quality.

3. Excellent lighting

The importance of light goes without saying! Generally speaking, professional optical design, including the use of good chips and other hardware, is a guarantee of good performance.

4. Resistance to harsh environment

When a dangerous situation occurs, the adverse external environment such as smoke and flame is the factor that affects the normal operation of the lamp. Therefore, the impact of the environment should be considered when the emergency lighting lamp is used and designed.


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